About Meghan

Meghan, now 23, was born in Heidelberg, Germany and moved during the first 10 years of her life with her two sisters Lauren and Kristen Hollister and her parents Charolene and Gary Hollister. Meghan's father served in the military and retired in Augusta, GA and soon after moved the family to Alpharetta, GA where they live today. Meghan attended Kennesaw State University and earned a Bachelor's of Science in Biology in May 2012. Soon after earning her degree, Meghan began working as a Technical Recruiter with Strategic Contract Resources in Acworth, GA and still works there today. Meghan moved to Cartersville, GA after she landed her recruiting job and plans to move to Cumming, GA with Sean after they "tie the knot" in November 2013.

Meghan enjoys being outdoors and staying active. She loves to try different activities whether that be letting Sean teach her how to play a game of tennis or exploring the Georgia mountains and spending the day hiking. She also enjoys cooking and baking, wine tasting, running, Braves baseball, and watching football games with Sean.

About Sean

Sean, now 25, was born and raised in Kennesaw, GA. Sean's Mother Danette Dillard and Stepfather Todd Sharp currently live in Kennesaw, GA and his Father Rocky Dillard, Stepmother Kim Dillard, and Brother Grant Dillard live in Alpharetta, GA. Sean is currently living in Cumming, GA. Sean attended Georgia Southern University where he received his Bachelor's degree in Middle Grades Education and his Master's degree in Kinesiology. Sean currently is a 7th grade Special Education Math teacher at Piney Grove Middle School.

Sean has a passion for sports and enjoys playing tennis, softball, and golf. He enjoys watching Braves baseball games over the Summer and Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons football games during the Fall. He also enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking, hunting, and hanging out with his family and friends.  

How we met

Sean and Meghan always laugh about when they were actually first introduced because for the past four years, Sean and Meghan have spent time hanging out with the same group of friends during college but never met. It wasn't until April 2012 when Meghan's sorority sister Erin, who grew up in the same neighborhood as Sean, introduced Sean and Meghan to each other. It wasn't long before Sean and Meghan realized that they have even attended the same get-togethers in the past few years but never got a chance to meet each other. Having a similar group of friends made it very easy for Sean and Meghan to connect and realize that they have a ton in common. It wasn't more than a couple weeks after they met that Sean and Meghan went on their first date to a local sports grill on trivia night. Sean's intensions were that they would hang out and enjoy playing some trivia when in actuality the two of them just started talking and didn't even realize that they had completely forgotten about playing trivia.

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